Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap ~

Boy was I EVER glad for a weekend!!!
Last week seemed to drag on FOREVER and we were SO busy!!!
I was ready for some down time!!!
Friday night, the kids and I ate DQ before going to the football game!
They have the BEST time playing with their friends at the games!
I am so thankful for a school were they can run and around and play and I don't have to worry about them ~ I was actually working in the concession stand!
Saturday morning ~ I had to tackle this ~
Putting up summer clothes and going through fall stuff...
Jackson has ONE pair of jeans that fit!
Thankfully he has LOTS of shirts...
It was SO pretty Saturday so after lunch we went to the park for a little while! I was watching the kids play and thinking back to when I would take them to the park and have to follow them around! Made me tired just thinking about it! :)
99% of the time they play SO WELL together!!!
So thankful!!!
Saturday night ~ our cheerleaders had a Parent's Night Out fundraiser ~
They had games, pizza, karaoke, movies, etc.
My kids had a BLAST and wanted to stay!
Dalton and I had a shower to go to so it worked out perfectly!!!
Sunday morning we went to church ~
Mary Dalton has a new SS teacher and she LOVES her!
We are still praying she makes a profession of faith soon!
Miss Judy (the new teacher) is so sweet! We are excited about her new class!
After church, we went to Augusta to run some errands and have lunch ~
Love these two!
We ate at The Chop House and is was SO good!
We made a quick trip by Lowe's and looked at some things to start our kitchen renovation! Yikes!
I am SUPER excited about this ~ just a little nervous!!! Our last project was SUPPOSED to take 2 weeks and it took 6!!!
After a trip to Lowe's we went to Smallcakes!
So so so good!!!
I had a peanut butter cupcake and it was worth EVERY single calorie!
We also made a trip by Sam's ~
And I found these...
Be still my heart...
I LOVE a pen!!!
Jax was shopped out! Bless his heart!!!
WE got home in time for the kids to go to Team Kid and get packed up and ready for another week!!!
It was a fun and FAST weekend!!! :)

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