Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Break Birmingham Style ~

We are enjoying our fall break! We left on Thursday for a trip to Birmingham to Aunt Tasha and Uncle Jay's house ~ Nana met us there!
AL is an hour behind us in time and we all 3 woke up at our usual time so we were up and out at 8 a.m.! First stop ~ Chic fila and then Target ~ our two favorites!!! :)
Jax was LESS than amused at the shopping ~ he found a seat in the buggy!
After Target ~ we headed to Air Walk ~ an indoor trampoline park!
They had a BLAST and it was ALL I could do not to join in the fun!!!!
They got VERY brave by the end of their "flight time" ~
flipping, diving, cannon balls ~ you name it ~ they tried it!
This picture does not show how RED this chick was!!! She had sweat rolling down her neck...they had the BEST time! We have an indoor park coming to Augusta and I can't wait! They offer fitness classes and I HAVE to try it!!! Looks like fun!
While we were loading up in the car ~ Jackson found a hill to climb....he loves the landscape there!
We headed to The Summit for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and more shopping ~
We made a pit stop by Steel City Pops for a popscicle...
Birmingham has the BEST places to eat the neatest little shops! It's a GREAT place to visit!
We went back to Aunt Tasha's when she got off of work and ate a delicious supper ~
This girl sticks close to her Nana....
Jackson entertained us with some puppetry! ;)
After supper, we went to Old Time Pottery ~ Such a FUN (and cheap!) decorating store!
The kids were DYING to go to Dollar Tree ~ I said no...but Aunt Tasha was driving and stopped anyway! That's a great aunt! ;)
And FYI ~ 8:30 is the time to go to Dollar Tree...we were the ONLY people in there!
And this is what we came out with ~
3 bottles of sparkling apple juice (there are mine for school), press on nails, a lock, an ace bandage, a saw, candy and pump it up bra inserts...
The man at the register gave us some STRANGE stares! ha!
Saturday morning we woke up early and loaded up for a road trip to Auburn to see Emily!!!
Emily lives right in the heart of campus and the campus at Auburn is BEAUTIFUL!
We got to see her cute dorm room and walked downtown for lunch ~
We made a stop for famous Toomer's Lemonade...
Mary Dalton NEVER drinks ANYTHING but she CHUGGED three glasses of this stuff! She loved it!
We went to the Student Center before we left and Jackson wanted his picture made with the flags...since he spoke in his Brittish voice 99.9% of the one point I REALLY thought I was going to lose my mind...he has a freakishly amazing talent in that he can speak Brittish...but it will WEAR you out after 12 hours of nonstop Brittish chatter...
Bless him.
Both kids were smitten with Emily's roommate ~ Abby....they thought that she looked like Breelyn off of Dallas Cowboys Making the Team! ha!
Walking back to the car we took a quick picture of Jax with Cam Newton.
It was a SUPER fun day!!!
MD wanted us all to have a sleepover Saturday night ~ I snapped this of Nana telling Jax a "hand story" ~ something she used to do when the kids were little to help them wind down and go to sleep! So sweet!!!
We got back home around lunch on Sunday and spent the day unpacking, doing laundry and buying groceries! We slept in today and it was HEAVENLY! Mary Dalton went to a friend's house to play while Jax and I worked on homecoming stuff for next week and finished up some projects around here!
It was a WONDERFUL 4 days off from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives! It's crazy to think that our next break is Thanksgiving!!! ~ We have already started a countdown!!! :)

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