Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week 40 ~ #dailydowdypic

Week 40!?!?! Only 12 more weeks of 2014...this year has FLOWN by!!!
Day 275 ~ I took my seniors to a local bistro for lunch! They are so much fun...99% of the time! ;)
Day 276 ~
Rainy Friday afternoon calls for Christmas Vacation!!!
Day 277  ~
Lunch outside with my sweet girl ~ Love the little lady she is becoming SO SO SO much!!!
Day 278 ~
Want to make this Mama HAPPY?!?!?!
Let me NOT pack and send lunches for EIGHT days and I am ALL SMILES ~ Right under cleaning up throw up on my list of "Mother jobs I despise" ~ is making lunches!!!
Thank  you FALL BREAK for a 8 day LUNCH BREAK!!! :)
Day 279 ~
Jax has saved a goo bit of change and cashed in and got a $32 Amazon gift card!
day 280 ~
cooking lessons with Sooz while Jackson spins until he almost pukes...
Day 281 ~ BIG BIG BIG DAY for my cutie!!!
He got his FIRST squirrel ALONE ~ he has killed them with his Daddy but he shot this one all alone with his BB gun in the back yard ~ while wearing his boggs and a swimsuit...
I swear...he gets cuter every day!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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