Sunday, October 5, 2014

We LOVE a Weekend!!!!

Did I mention that we love a weekend around here? I honestly don't know WHY we just can't sleep in daily, cook out every night, never get dressed and play all my dreams! ;)  Anyway ~ we were SUPER excited about our weekend!
It started off kinda "iffy" ~ Jax had molluscum over the summer and started complaining with it this week  ~ I checked it Friday morning and it looked AWFUL ~ we went to be sure it was not staph or infected.. thankfully after a quick check we got some medicine and were in the clear!
It was rainy after school Friday and we came home and put on our PJ's and watched Christmas vacation! Mary Dalton  and Jaxhelped  Daddy reload bullets ~ It was SO strange to be home but we enjoyed it!!
Saturday morning, the boys went to the shooting range and I took MD to Adalyn's birthday party ~ She ADORES this little girl! She calls her "My Mini Me" :)
After I picked her up from the party we had lunch outside ~ it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!
We got Starbucks and went to Hobby Lobby and looked at Christmas decor ~ we are READY for the hollidays!!!
We went to the farm to enjoy the great weather ~
our kids LOVE this old tree that fell...
Dalton almost cut it up but has decided to leave it for awhile....they have too much fun on it to get rid of it!
We did lots of hay bale jumping ~
Jackson was WAY brave and did the BIG jump ~ it was literally 5-6 feet...MD and I watched and took pics!
I'm more of 3-4 foot girl! ha!
I love playing on the hay with them....SO much fun!
We had our first fire in the fire pit and roasted the first marshmallow!!!
The boys played frisbee while we waited on the fire to get just right for roasting...
We went to a youth breakfast at church this morning and then Sunday School ~
MD made these treat bags...
I love that out of all the people she could make one for....she picked her little brother.
They argue sometimes but they REALLY are best friends.
Dalton was on "praying behind the pulpit" and I had nursery so each child got to be with each of us for 30 mins ~ Mary Dalton LOVED the nursery! She found a sweet little girl to play with!
After church MD made us a OREO bundt cake ~ it was soooo good!
Jackson was working on a drawing of our house. He has gotten to be a REALLY good artist!
After the baking ~ I went running and this cutie went with me...he is in GREAT shape from football so he wants to keep "working out" and I enjoy his company!!
Wonderful weekend with my sweet family!
We are looking forward to a GREAT week!!!
We are out of school later this week and have a ROAD trip planned!!!
We can't wait!!!

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