Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What I'm Loving ~ ~ ~ ~

There are SO many things that I am LOVING right now!!!
First up ~ I am still a SUCKER for a good candle...and although I LOVE Circle E and Seda France, my ALL TIME favorite is Bath & Body Works!!!
These pumpkin flavors are making my house smell DELICIOUS!!!
And B&BW had this WONDERFUL special ~ for $25 (plus 20% off) I got ALL this fun stuff!!!
I have SO enjoyed these treats!!!
And of course I am STILL loving Excellence in Playa Mujeres ~
I bet I talk about that place at LEAST once a day...and think of it more often!
I am DYING to go back ~ hint, hint Dalton!!! :)
I blogged about these boots a few years ago but I am STILL loving these babies, too!
Lane Boots are the BEST!!! I can teach all day and my feet don't bother me at all!
I have 5 pair and pretty much rotate a pair each day! If you need cute boots....splurge and buy these! You will LOVE them!!!
Oh Wet Brush ~ this may be the BEST invention EVER!!!
They are $9 each and will go RIGHT through wet, tangled hair!!!
We have two and Mary Dalton & I both LOVE them!!!
And while I am on a hair topic ~
This shampoo is my new favorite!!!
I wash my hair daily and it lasted about 4-5 weeks! It smells SO SO SO good!!!
I bough these J Crew earrings last summer and have worn them a GOOD BIT!!! They match a lot and are super fun! I picked them up at the J Crew outlet and hope to stop at the outlet this weekend and hopefully find another fun pair!
And of course I am LOVING Mary Dalton's monogrammed converse!!!
She is wearing them a good bit and getting TONS of compliments on them! SUPER cute!

Lots of fun things that I am loving ~ coming up soon ~ lots of things that are on my wish list! :)

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