Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dear Santa Claus ~

Every year my kids write their letters to Santa filled with their requests! I mailed those letters this past weekend! Jackson has requested a Go Pro, a "variety of locks" and surprises. Mary Dalton asked for a scooter for her AG dolls, cooking supplies and surprises! They are getting excited!!! :)
Christmas is so much fun ~ I love watching them decide on the PERFECT things for their lists!
The past few years I made a list of things that I would buy if money were not an option...or just things that I think would be super fun to have! :)

**side note...I really just want my house to be back in order and the new flooring down...but since that ain't happening..
 Santa....HOOK A SISTER  UP!!!!
1. I was turned off by fitbit because they were plasticy looking ~ Well....leave it to good ole' Tory Burch to make them look stunning!!! Several friends have fitbits and love them! I would love to have one, too and think it would keep me motivated to keep moving! :)
2.) Speaking of moving ~ I want an elliptical! We bought a REALLY nice treadmill 3 years ago when I started running a lot, but running is killing my old knees and I think an elliptical would be better for me...since I am getting old and all... ;)

3.) as much money as I have spent on pictures of my kids I really can't believe I never bought a GOOD camera! I don't even OWN a working camera other than my phone! Now, that they are playing sports I really need to look more into this!
4.) My rain boots are cracking down the front...literally falling apart....but these are calling my name!
5.) I would like to add to my list EVERY essential oil that doterra sells! This needs to be a whole seperate blog post, but I have been using them 2 weeks now and am sold!!! They are amazing!!! I am using On Guard and DigestZen daily but would love to try them all!
6.) I am sure Santa could SQUEEZE an outdoor kitchen on the sleigh???
One for our pool at home and one for the AMAZING would that be?!?!
7.) Our intercom system in our house is SOOOOO 1989!!!
We need a new one...BIG TIME!!!
8.) My TB shoes are falling apart...they've held up 8 years but look AWFUL now....
So in each color would be perfect! ;)
9.) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Wicked!!! It's coming to ATL this spring and I hope to go!
Honestly ~ I would LOVE to go to NY again and take Jackson since he is older now!!! He would love it!
10.) I can't end on an odd number because I am weird like that ~ so #10 would be another trip to Mexico with Dalton! :)
That was fun to make a dream list ~ let the big guy know I have been SUPER good! ;)

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