Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mistletoe Market Shopping Adventure ~

Ohhhhh....I just got back from a FUN TRIP!!! I took off Thursday and Friday and my friend Clairissa and I drove to Jackson, MS to go to Mistletoe Market ~
The last time I went, MD was 10 weeks old!!!
I was LONG overdue for a trip!
We stopped in Birmingham and shopped there on the way out ~ we had the best time! It was super fun and relaxing (and really STRANGE!!!) to be able to stop whenever we got ready, eat what we wanted, do we what wanted...
I got about 80% of my Christmas gifts bought!
I'd call that a successful trip!!!
As much fun as we had ~ I was so ready to see these little people ~ and Dalton! :)
They acted like the actually missed me! ha!
We went out to supper Saturday night and then the kids spent the night at Sooz and Big's house ~
Mary Dalton found some posted signs for the tree house ~
They sat on the patio by the fire and sang Christmas carols ~
I think a good time was had by all! :)
Such sweet memories that they are making!
And last but not least ~ Dalton posted this pic on FB Saturday morning ~ he cooked a big breakfast for the kids and then they went squirrel hunting ~ I am so thankful for such a good husband and daddy!!! :)

After church today ~ I TRIED to make sense of this house ~ remember...still no progress on remodeling...and did laundry...duh!
Ready for another week! :) 

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