Saturday, November 1, 2014

Down Time ~

This weekend has been PERFECTION so far...even though our house is a mild diaster area! ;)
We went trick or treating last night with just the 4 of us ~
We had the best time! We took the golf cart and went to the festival at church then went trick or treating ~ it was SO nice that it fell on a Friday night! We slept in this morning and woke up to COLD!!! 45 miles north of here got SNOW!!! What in the world?!?!
It was a rainy, cold day morning and Dalton cooked us the best breakfast! We did not do anything special ~ just watched football, made some soup, and did a few things around the house...but it was WONDERFUL not to HAVE to be anywhere! Just what we needed! :)
Jackson had a busy week this past week! His class went to the corn maze ~ parents did not attend this field trip, but my friend Shana teaches 1st grade so she got a pic! ;) Jax had the BEST time!!! Who am I kidding ~ he has the best time wherever he goes...expect shopping! ;)
He also had a big project due this week. He had to research a mask ~ he chose a beard mask. He was so cute about following the rubric to be sure he got all 100 points ~ love that sweet boy.
Sooz invited the littles over this afternoon to play and they enjoyed the cool weather by roasting marshmallows on the patio! Fun!!!
We are looking forward to being at church tomorrow ~ 3 weeks out is too long! ~ and then enjoying the afternoon!!! I am super excited about an extra hour of sleep, too! ;)
Happy November!!!

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