Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 ~ and LOTS of randomness...

Day 15 ~
Jackson comes home everyday and checks on his birds...he has enjoyed them so much and even used them for his science project!
Day 16 ~
Talk about a BAD hair day!!!
Day 17 ~
Birthday party fun for Jax!
Day 18 ~
These girls went from frilly church clothes to mud riding...that's the kinda girl I love!
Day 19 ~
Happy 9th  birthday Jackson!!!!
Day 20 ~
Science project is COMPLETED ~ and a month early!!!
Day 21~
MD ROCKED her new overalls! I LOVED me some overalls in the 80's...wish I could still pull this look off!
And in other randomness ~
Jackson got fish from us for his bday ~
He practically has a zoo in his room...and Dalton told him BIG NEWS ~
It will be a hunting dog! He should be ready in March and we can't wait!!!
Jackson is SUPER excited!
We wrapped up basketball season...
Big Daddy came to their last game!
Jackson's last game ~
Basketball was fun...but this mama is WORN OUT! We have been going in 500 directions the last few weeks!!! MD is in full dance mode and that requires lots of extra practices each week! Homework is over the top some nights and I have had lots of grading to do myself! We are out of school for winter break Friday and Monday and I can't wait! I need a break already!
And...these two expect to eat! WHAT!?!?! ;)
Jackson was super excited to have a bday surprise waiting on him from sooz and big on his bday!
His favorite rolls, chicken salad, balloons and a gift!
I have had TWO field trips this week ~ they have been super fun but that means I have basically missed two days of work this week...which means I have TONS-O-GRADING to do each night! Worse part of teaching for sure!

MD is going out of town for the weekend and hopefully Jackson will keep himself entertained!
It's hard to believe January is almost over...
hurry up spring!!!

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