Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Break...We Miss YOU Already!!!

We have been out of school for the past 4 days ~ Oh I LOVE a break from school! We thought about going off for the weekend but decided to stay at home ~ we have someone finishing up some painting and odd & ends at home so we needed to be close by!
Thursday after school ~ Whitney came to spend the night!
I got a fun surprise in the mail ~ My sister sent me this book her neighbor wrote ~ Love Boo Mama's blog! This book...well...you HAVE to read it! I laughed until I went into the ugly cry...seriously! Hilarious!!! Then, I cried the ugly cry in parts, too! It is a must read...and an easy read! LOVED it!
Thanks Tasha! :)
We also broke out Jackson's pottery wheel he got from Christmas from Aunt Tasha ~ shocker...but it worked pretty well and was not THAT messy either! He made us all a piece of pottery and is waiting to paint them this week!
Friday ~ Jax and I made a trip to Augusta ~ we ran lots of errands and made a stop by Pet Smart...more on this later on...but he got 2 hermit crabs from himself and MD another one so "Jingle" won't be lonely! So sweet! He used his birthday money on her!
Dalton made Bang Bang Shrimp Saturday night and they were HEAVENLY!!! My man can COOK! After we ate, we decided to ride to DQ for some ice cream...a tree had fallen down in the road and Jax bailed out of the truck to help his Daddy clear the road...in his PJs...LOVE!
Sunday we played some serious touch football and road the 4 wheeler some ~ Fun day for sure!
While we were busy in GA ~ Mary Dalton was in SC with Whitney Sue for the weekend visiting WS's grandparents (in the back of this pic!) She had the BEST time with them!
She also took a liking to sweet baby Caden! :)
Sunday afternoon, I went to my friend's for a painting party ~ I already painted a frame with Jackson's picture so I wanted to do one with MD ~ I was SO happy with how well it turned out!
She IS more precious than jewels!
(And I missed her like CRAZY!!! Glad she had fun but we were ALL glad she was back! She is a lot of fun and entertaining! We miss her when she is gone!)
Sunday night ~ We stayed at the cabin and Jackson got ANOTHER migraine...second one in 12 days! It was pretty bad so we were trying not to talk and keep the lights off ~ she was texting me while she in the loft and I was downstairs with Jackson...
Thankfully he woke up Monday HUNGRY and feeling fine! We ran back to Augusta to pick up some stones for MD's costume for dance ~ I spent the day stoning a costume, doing laundry, and getting ready for our SHORT week! Yay!!!
While MD was at dance Jackson made some brownies for us to have after supper!
Perfect ending to our FUN relaxing 4 day weekend!
Counting down til the next break!!!

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