Thursday, January 29, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 Week 4 ~

It's hard to believe January is almost over! One more month of WINTER ~ I can't wait for spring!!!
Week 4 kept us busy!
Day 22 ~
LOVE seeing these two cuties in the hall studying! One of the perks at working at a small private school is that I get to see my children during the day! :)
Day 23 ~
Winter break Day 1 called for "Two Ingredient Fudge" ~
It was really good!
Day 3 ~
Mama/Jackson date to Augusta started with breakfast at Chic Fil a
Day 25  ~
Fun time painting this frame at my friend's painting party ~
LOVE the way it turned out and LOVE the verse I went with!
Day 26 ~
Sunny begs to come in EVERYDAY...I am allergic...MD let her in the other day and dressed her...Sunny realized being outside wasn't such  a bad thing! ha!
Day 27 ~
I am CERTAIN we are on a "do not sell any live animal to" list at Pet Smart...when you know the manager (shout out to BRITTANY!) by have a problem with pets dying in your care.
Lucy died and we had to return her in a ziplock bag...frozen. As I was walking out the door I stopped and started laughing... I was carrying a plate of fudge (for the painting party), a dead bird, a pair of boots, my purse, cell phone, and a drink filled with Miralax in it...I realized that
1. I am officially NOT cool.
2. I am old because I freak out if I miss my 3 weekly doses of Miralax.
3. I bet no one ever has carried a dead bird to a party.
4. That I am officially old because writing about the fact that I had a laxative in my cute initialed Tervis Tumbler doesn't embarrass or bother me in the least little bit.
It was a fabulous day! ;)
Day 28 ~
Basketball pictures came in!
Love these two cuties!!!
Week 5 ~
We are ready for you!!! :)

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