Thursday, January 15, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 ~ Week 2

Day 8 ~
Dancing Divas requested a blizzard in the FREEZING cold before dance!
Love these two sweet girls and the fun they have!
Day 9 ~
PETA would not approve, but the Dowdy Girls were WARM!!!
Day 10 ~
Date night with my favorite almost NINE year old!!!
He got a new bird and a he was in HEAVEN!
Day 11 ~ Boot legging some candy in the movie ~

Day 12 ~
Jackson was home with a migraine ~ hate he was sick, but staying home on a rainy and cold Monday was a nice treat for this Mama! ;)
Day 13 ~
DREADMILL time due to all the rain and cold weather! Ready for some WARM weather!
Day 14 ~
Saw this on instagram and I fell in LOVE ~
Busy week but the weekend is ALMOST here!!! :)

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