Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Randomness ~

Our weekend was wonderful...and I am actually still home! Jackson woke up sick this morning and couldn't go to a 3 day weekend for me! Hate he was feeling bad, but a cold, rainy Monday is the BEST kinda day to stay home!
This was a first for me ~ I have taught for 12 years and this was the first time someone actually tried money to bribe me! ha! LOVED this! (He made a 95 without the bribe AND I gave him his $5 back!) Well played though  ~ I got a GREAT laugh! I love students who are fun! :)
Friday night ~ MD stayed with Marti's dance season so they will pretty much be dancing for the next three weekends and love spending their weekends together! Jackson and I were home alone on Friday night ~ we went to Augusta and he bought a new was we now have two. And I have to admit ~ they are REALLY happy together! :)
We also picked up the things he needed for the 3rd grade science fair project!
Saturday morning ~ Jax had a basketball game in Sparta so we were up and at 'em early to head there! We came home and I did some crafting ~ Thank you Pinterest ~ and bought groceries, worked on know...glamorous things! ;)
All the "chicks" were back in my nest on Saturday night and we watched a movie and were in bed by 9...we party hard! ;)
Sunday after church, we went to the movie...
This was a first ~  ~ ~
We got the kids settled in "Into the Woods" and we went to see Taken 3 ~
MD got a phone for Christmas so we could text them and check on them.
They felt "grown up" and we saved money by not paying a, win!
(They loved their movie and ours was really good too!)
Sunday afternoon was spent gearing up for another school/work week! MD made us some brownies and we had breakfast for day for sure!
the "dreaded" science fair is 100x easier this go! MD HATES science...which thrills my soul since I am a science teacher...but Jackson LOVES it! He is so excited "picky parakeets" and is 80% done with the project already!!! precious non-procrastinating child!
He even started on the report part today after he started feeling better! :)
By this time next week...we should be DONE and it isn't due unilt 2/17! :)
Not much more to report....
hunting season season is starting...last basketball game on Saturday...and a certain cutie at our house is turning NINE this week!!!! :)

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