Thursday, February 5, 2015

#apictureadayin2015 ~ Week 5

Day 29 ~
When your grandparents own a candy company...well, you get free candy after school! :)
Day 30 ~
Celebrating FRIDAY at Dairy Queen!
Day 31 ~
Enjoyed a LONG overdue date night with my handsome husband ~ I am ready for summer when we have weekly date nights! :)
Day 32 ~
A trip to Sam's after church on Sunday could make a preacher cuss with these two in tow!
They were WIDE OPEN!!!
(and I am pretty certain MD is probably the only person who would "pose" while sitting on a stack of toilet paper! ha!)
Day 33 ~
My day to drive the girls to dance and Jax and I hit up Sonic at happy hour!
Day 34 ~
I LOVE LOVE LOVE an afternoon where we come HOME and the children can PLAY!
I found this cutie climbing trees and building forts with his sister...good stuff.
Day 35  ~
We celebrated DDD at Hoagie Joe's and it was so good!
We are so thankful for our Daddy! :)

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