Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Officially TURKEY SEASON ~

Well, today starts the beginning of Turkey Season ~
I have two boys at my house that are BEYOND EXCITED!!!
Yep ~ These two...
they can't wait to kill one!
They hunted last weekend on youth weekend and had a great time!
Dalton said Jackson has gotten so good at walking quietly, being still, etc...
he is practicing his calling, too!
I love how excited Jax gets when he gets to go with his daddy....
And Sass here ~
She is waiting for Jackson to bag one so she can have a turn and try her luck at turkey hunting, too!
She has NEVER shown any interest in it but has decided she wants to kill a turkey...
Dalton is beaming with pride about this ~ I don't know how she will function without her hairbow! ;)

So ~ until May 15th ~ I will be an official hunting widow while my husband has a love affair with a bird...but he loves it so much....I don't even mind! :)

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