Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 11 #apictureadayin2015

Week 11 is in the books ~
Here's how we spent it! :)
Day 71...
By Thursday...this boy is spent! He naps EVERY Thursday!!!
He slept 3 hours last week!
Day 72 ~
Nana and Pawpaw came to GA!!!
(Pawpaw was fishing, but we enjoyed Nana SO much!)
Day 73 ~
We spent the day in Augusta shopping
Day 74 ~
Taking a break from dancing for a bite to eat!
Day 75 ~
Jax got Max MORE toys/treats for his cage...this bird has an amazing life!
Day 76 ~
It was 83 and he wanted to was freezing...but he attempted!
Day 77 ~
GRAND day at the book fair!
Not only did they rack up on some cool books ~ they got to go home early...and THAT made their day!!!

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