Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Patrick's Day ~ 1st Swim ~ Fishing

I had pinned SO many cute things to make with my two for St. Patrick's Day ~ It's the thought that counts...I ended up buying them a St. Patrick's Day cupcake on the way to school ~ hey...I do what I can! ;)

It was 83 yesterday and Jackson has been DYING to swim ~ I gave him the GREEN light and the boy was on the diving board in 5 seconds ~ it was FREEZING but he swam/played about 30 mins!
Sister was working on her tan! ;) We still have some leaves in the pool but I am thankful it's not GREEN like it was last year!
After Dalton got home we loaded up for an afternoon fishing trip!
I LOVE the long day light hours!!! 
This picture was on my timehop app today ~ 3 years ago we were fishing! And look how much Jackson has grown!!! It's like overnight he has grown up! 
Sass caught a fish but would NOT touch it!!! She is 100% girlie girl for sure!!!
She was a good sport though and we had fun! :) 
Today my biology class worked with Jackson's class and helped them dissect worms ~ 
Jax was in HEAVEN!!! I LOVE how interested little children are in science! I enjoyed having them in the science lab and they were SO sweet!!! 

Today was "grand day" at the book fair at school so both children got to leave early and go home!
They were sooooo excited!!! I think we are ALL ready for summer break! 

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