Sunday, April 5, 2015

Eggstragavant Weekend.....

I can honestly say that this has been one of the FUNNEST weekends we have had in a LONG time!!!
The fun started on Friday when I helped with Jackson's Easter party at school!
(egg hunt #1)
We got out at noon and headed home to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL day!
Razz was in town and we HAD to go get her so we could play with her! :)
We made she was an expert egg hunter ~
(egg hunts #2)
The girls had so much fun playing with her ~ and with her stuff! ha!
We played an EPIC game of kickball ~ me, Uncle Amos, the 3 kids...and even Sue-anna got in on the action after the baby went to bed! We hid eggs along their scripture path and they were scared to DEATH to go find them! You would have thought it was Halloween! Hunting eggs by flashlight is WAY more fun for big kids! We are going to host a big hunt next year for sure!
(egg hunt #3) ~
see a trend???
Saturday morning we headed to LUMC egg hunt at our friends' family's cabin ~ the place is BEAUTIFUL!!! The weather was great and not only did we hunt eggs, but practiced our juggling skills! He was actually freakishly good at juggling!!! Who knew?!?!
And at egg hunt #4 ~
Jax found the prize egg but when he saw the paper he said,
"Hey! Someone wrote me a note!" ha!!!
Sweet girls eating lunch ~
Jackson was not sitting in the Bunny's lap, but thankfully these two cuties sat in Mary's the Bunny's lap! :)
And then we headed to ~
you guessed it ~
Egg Hunt #5
Our local hardware store hosts this every year and this was the first time we were able to go!
It did not disppoint ~ 1,000 eggs were hidden, they had chicks, ducks, rabbits, pimento cheese, cold cokes, and chicken wings...because in the south, it's TOTALLY normal to EAT chicken and BUY a pet chicken...
We ran into our sweet girl Razz while we were there!
And after FIVE eggs hunts ~ they sorted and swapped all sorts of eggs and candy!
They have had a BLAST!!!
We woke up this morning and after breakfast took a few pics before church!
The Bunny left both kids a tshirt, necklace/hat, flip flops, and some other treats!
MD's hand in the pic above is killing me ~ she loves to pose! :)
So thankful God gave me these three!!!
**This was also the 1st year in at LEAST THREE YEARS that Jackson did not complain about his clothes and we were on time for Sunday School ~ and I even cooked breakfast ~ An Easter Miracle!
And just for fun ~ I dug this beauty up ~
My mother thought that this was a good idea back in 1983...
I am pretty certain that it was NOT in style then...or probably ever...unless you are 80! WHAT in the WORLD?!?!?!? It's like a hot patriotic mess at Easter....with a corsage!!!
We had lunch at Dalton's parents' house after church and Razz was giving her "GoGo" ALL sorts of kisses and hugs ~ I swear I love that child like I birthed her...she is a DOLL!!!
Thankful to celebrate a RISEN Savior!!!
Sooz and Big came out for a picture with the grandchildren ~
After lunch ~ we changed clothes super quick and ran to Augusta to get our things for our new puppy ~ He's coming home TOMORROW!!! We have an 8 hour trip to get him but we are SO excited!!! :)
Get ready for LOTS-O-PUPPY pictures!!!
We made it back to the cabin just in time to dye our eggs and Jackson even managed to fish a little ~
It was SO nice that they kids could read the directions and figure out the whole egg dying thing while I straightened up the cabin! They had a BLAST and have pink, blue, and yellow stained fingers to show for it! :)
The boys played football while the eggs "soaked" to get darker ~
and MD was still posing! :)
It was a PERFECT weekend with my favorite people!!! We are so excited about Spring Break this week! We don't have any MAJOR plans but have a few things planned! Should be a great week!!!

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