Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites ~

Oh FRIDAY ~ and not only is it Friday but I have NINE days off of work!!!
Praise the Lord!
Spring Break is my FAVORITE school holiday because I know SUMMER is just around the corner!
This is one of my FAVORITE quotes I have seen lately ~
Enough said ~ :)
This Good Belly juice is a new FAVORITE of mine ~ it is full of probiotics and I LOVE it! IT is delicious!!!
My seniors at school just finished up my FAVORITE project they do each year ~
Ready or Not Tot week ~ MDD was thrilled to get to "babysit" one for a few hours this past week!
I am pretty certain our FAVORITE moment this week will be when we finally get our hands on our new puppy, Rebel! We are just buying a dog and we are consumed with it ~ I can't imagine adopting a baby! ;) It's SO exciting ~ it's all we talk about!
And hands down my FAVORITE thing lately has been my Hello Fresh!
They do 6 meals each week ~ you choose 3 you want. They send EVERYTHING you need to cook the meals ~ and everything is VERY FRESH and the meats are great quality ~ little to no fat at all!
I tried it with a $20 off coupon and have just been buying the 3 meal plan for 2, just to see if we like it...and we LOVE it!!
These are two of the three meals we had last week ~
We have not had one we didn't love yet!
My new box comes today and I can't wait!!!
It's so fun to have everything measured and ready to cook ~
it's pretty healthy, too!
I have zested my first lemon, cooked Brussels sprouts for the first time, cooked fish for the first time, used ALL sorts of herbs/seasonings I did not know even existed, and have loved every minute of it!!
This is a referral code and you get $20 off your first box!
TRY it ~ you will thank me later!
It's my FAVORITE for sure!! :)
We are also celebrating my FAVORITE holiday this weekend ~ Easter!!!
I am so thankful for the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ!
We celebrate Him everyday, but Easter is always a special time for us!
He is Risen!!!

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