Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up...

We had a fun weekend and were able to spend time at the cabin ~ our favorite!!!
This cutie talked me into going out in the boat with him and fishing ~ he was too cute to resist!
Mary Dalton spent ALL day Saturday working on this poster that she is going to take to camp next week! I had fun helping her get it all done! :)

We have had lots of company over to swim this past week and weekend!
I was so proud of Blake!!! When he got to our house, he was only jumping in the shallow ~ by the time I got done with our little "lesson"  ~ he was jumping off the diving board and swimming under water to the side! It was so fun to help a little one learn to swim! :) He was SO proud! :)

These two cuties had themselves a fine time! :)

My two have discovered the country club pond ~ and let me say they LOVE it!!! It's about half a mile from our house and they love to go and SWIM in this freaky, muddy water! No thank you!

Sunday after church, we went to Augusta to have lunch and pick up a few things from Sam's.  Jackson has been DYING for a cast net! Dalton bought him one and he has gotten all $30 worth of it! He spent about 3 hours yesterday casting at the pond at the country club ~ and caught about 25 fish!

While Jax was fishing, MD and I got EVERYTHING packed up for camp next week!
It took FOREVER and a day but we got it done! She is so so so excited and I can't wait for her to have a fun week!

This week we are doing day camps ~ MD and her best friend Marti Ann and going to Summer in the Son this week and Jackson is at a football and basketball camp this week!
They should be good and tired! :)

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