Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 21. #apictureadayin2015

Week 21 is my FAVORITE because HELLO SUMMER!!!!
Day 140 ~
Three other teachers and I hosted a reception for Mr. O's retirement ~ he has taught 37 years at our school ~ that's my whole life. HOLY COW! There is no way I can make it that long! He is a legend ~ everyone loves him! I HATE my two won't have him as a teacher when they get to Middle School!
Day 141 ~
This beauty popped up on my timehop!
K5 graduation when MD INSISTED on wearing her dance earrings!
Not much has changed! ;)
Day 142 ~
Great weekend trip to the coast to pick up the kids and start our summer!
Day 143 ~
How much more cuteness could squeeze into this picture...I am pretty sure NONE! ;)
Day 144 ~
The kids got The Game of Life ~ This was the only time since meeting Dalton that I made more money than him ~ and I STILL lost! ha!
Day 145 ~
Driving lessons at the farm ~
They did GREAT!!! Jax is a littel speedy and MD drives like a granny...we are gonna reach a compromise this summer!
Day 146  ~
Summer fun at Air Strike and then we bought ALLLLL their camp supplies ~ which was a LOT more trying buying for two this year instead of one like last year...but they are all set and can't wait to go in a few weeks!!!

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