Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day Flash Backs...

When Mary Dalton & Jackson started school at Thomas Jefferson, they both started on the same day! Our school started a K3 program and Jackson was in the first class and Mary Dalton was in K4. I am not sure HOW or WHY we started taking a picture EVERY year by our gate, but I am SO glad we did! It's amazing to see how much they change in 365 days! I like to see how much taller they are than the gate, too! ;)

K3 and K4
(That white fuzz on Jax's head...LOVE!)
K4 and K5
Still looking like babies! :)

K5 and 1st grade ~
This is my ALL time favorite school morning picture! Mary Dalton's snaggle tooth! LOVE!!!

1st and 2nd grade ~
over the fence!!!

2nd  and 3rd grade ~
For some reason I couldn't find a picture.  Stole this one from the trusty blog! 

3rd and 4th grade...
Way over the fence! :) 
Check out that bling in MD's arm! 
4th and 5th grade ~
Jackson looks so much more mature to me! He's kinda slumping but he is almost as tall as MD!

And may I note ~ If you look back 2 things pop out to me  ~
1.) every year they stand further and further apart...because they SWEAR they can't stand each other, but they get in trouble for laughing and playing too rough together...
2.) The MEGA hairbow has survived EVERY SINGLE elementary school picture!!!

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