Friday, August 14, 2015

Weeks 31 & 32 #apictureaday

Day 211 ~
This dog LOVES to swim!!!
Day 212 ~ Nothing like a fun afternoon at the farm!

Day 213 ~
We were trying to SQUEEZE out every second of pool time we could before school started!

Day 214  ~
One of my sweet students gave me these ~ a teacher's love language?!?! ~ a good pen! :)

Day 215 ~
3 of us went to Air Strike on our LAST day of summer ~ 2 of the 3 got hurt...and it wasn't the old lady!!! #mamasstillgotit ha!

Day 216 ~
First day of school 2015-16

Day 217 ~
Jackson started football and would DIE if I took a picture but I snapped this one as he was walking away!

Day 218 ~
Friday night fun at Raley's Seafood

Day 219 ~
Playing "I Seek" ~ they texted clues about where they were hiding! Pretty fun! ;)

Day 220  ~
Happy girls are the prettiest!!! :)

Day 221 ~
and the madness begins!!!! Grading, grading, grading!!!

Day 222 ~
This is me EVERY night!

Day 223
and this is my LATEST addiction...
This is the BEST!!!

Day 224 ~
I swear...I could take Razz and not know she wasn't mine!
I have not seen her since May and she is SO much fun!!! I enjoyed spending time with her at our family's funeral this week! We celebrated Aunt Gladys' life on Thursday with family and food! It was a blessed day and Razz added to that! :)

Obviously there is a MAJOR lack of blogging lately...
School, football and dance have us going 99 mph!!
We are celebrating MD's 11th birthday this weekend!
Should have fun pics up next week!!!

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