Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mary Dalton's Birthday Sleepover!

We celebrated Mary Dalton's birthday this weekend with a sleepover! She had 6 girls spend the night and they had the BEST time and were SO sweet!!! We started off the weekend with a swim! 
Susan-Laine came over after her nap to play with the "big girls" ~ let's just say she was not lacking for attention! ha! They LOVED having her! 
This was VERY go with the flow...we just did presents on the deck...nothing fancy. 
Whitney Sue gave MD a gift card and some fake nails  ~ she knows what she loves! ha! 
We surprised her with a tote bag from Swank! She was really surprised and already had this big thing slam full of her "gear!" 
Maggie gave her ALL sorts of make up, nail polish, mirrors, hair stuff, etc. ~ 
FUN times ahead with that! 
Anne Marie and Emerson gave MD a new overnight bag! We will be using it soon, I know! This girl LOVES to "go!" 
Brooke gave MD her favorite color ~ GREEN ~ money!!! 
It is already burning a hole in her pocket! 
Marti Ann gave MD this canvas for her room  ~ LOVE! So true, too! :) 
Sooz and Big gave MD a blue fur...that fits me! can't wait to share with her! ha! 
It is beautiful! 
After they were dried off we went in for cake ~ straight from Walmart but it was GOOD! 
We then loaded up and headed to the cabin. The girls played on the haybales, went to the water fall and rode the golf cart before Dalton cooked. We had hamburgers, fried dill pickles and french fries...they ate GREAT! 
WE went back ho,e around 9:30 and Sooz and Sue-anna came to help with facials...I went to bed! I NEVER heard the girls! Some went to bed a tmidnight...MD and Maggie made it 3:30! 
Saturday morning at 8 they were still out!!! 
Dalton cooked bacon and sausage for them and I made chocolate chip pancakes before everyone left! 
It was the EASIEST party ever ~ no one complained, fussed, whined, etc. Mary Dalton & Maggie even cleaned up the play room and her bedroom after everyone went to bed! They are already planning to have another sleep over again next month....and if they will always be this good I will agree! :) 
We had a great time celebrating our girl and look froward to some more fun this week on her real birthday Tuesday! 

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