Thursday, September 24, 2015

Homecoming Week ~

Well, I have almost survived homecoming week! If you teach high school ~ you can relate! :)
We decided since we can't avoid the craziness that we would join in!
We were the 3 blind mice for character day! 
Jackson's class were the 7 dwarfs and his cute teacher was Snow White! 
Some of my cute seniors dressed up! 
Mary Dalton & the girls in her class were skittles! The shirts were a whole $1 and we had all of these skirts! 
As if homecoming wasn't crazy enough, Jackson had a football game Tuesday night about an hour from our house ~ MD had dance two hours the opposite direction! Thankfully, she was able to stay with Marti Ann and catch a ride to dance ~ it takes a village for sure! 
Color day ~ 4th grade was ROY G BIV ~ 
Lots of cute things to do with 7 kids in class! :) 
Mary Dalton has ALWAYS wanted to dye her hair pink ~ she and Marti Ann found a bottle of pink hair color and had themselves a FINE time! 
Today was Safari Day! 
Jackson was a tacky tourist! 
Mary Dalton & Whitney Sue wore some camo ~ MDD was determined to "jazz" it up! 
It is FLOODING here and more rain is coming!!! 
That means all of our fun for tonight ~ powderpuff football game and bon fire ~ have been cancelled. 
We had to move homecoming court/announcement to the gym so we practiced that today! 
These sweet girls represent our school so well! 
Can't wait to see who will be our new queen! 

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