Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we were up by 6 am ~
they raced to see what Santa left!
MD got a new purse, make up, a scooter, luggage, movies, and lots of new clothes! 
Jackson got an OSMO, waders, a new knife, a strap for his gun, and art sutff! 
And he went straight for the pool in his waders ~ our pool has a leak so we are replacing the liner soon ~ in the meantime, this is a great place to "play!" 
Mid morning  ~Dalton's family came to see the kids' stuff and open gifts!
We LOVED having Razz with us!!! She was so much fun adn so excited! 
Aunt Linda and Uncle Carl were in town from FL ~ We always love seeing them! 
The kids gave everyone their gifts from them ~ they had pciked out such sweet gifts for everyone from Dollar Tree and got everyone EXACTLY what we loved! Jax got Big Daddy a jar of mayo! 
And the best part of Christmas ~ spending it with him...
He is my favorite! :)
17 years together and he can still make me laugh til my sides hurt!
He's the best! 
Miss Priss wanted to give the waders a try...
until she saw a frog...and then she was done! 
We went to Dalton's parents' house for MORE gifts!
Dalton got a GREAT set of Yeti cups for the new cabin addition that are engraved! 
And he may or may not have played Noah's Ark with this cutie for the majority of the day! 
After a lot of fun  ~ we went back to our house for supper and then FINALLY opened the gifts under our tree!
Jackson got a framed copy of the newspaper clipping from when he and Dalton killed their deer!
My sweet Daddy loves his girls! :)
By 8:00 ~ everyone was worn out ~ Nana, Papwpaw and the kids went to bed and Dalton and I went to his parents' house to eat oysters...a PERFECT way to end a fun day! 
And that's a wrap ~ Christmas 2015 came and went just like that!!!

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