Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Eve

My parents arrived on Christmas Eve ~ and somehow I did not get a picture of them with the kids!!!! We were too excited ~ Susan-Laine was at our house and we had PRESENTS to open! :)
These two ~ they have a TRUE love/hate relationship...lately it has been love! :)
We exchanged gifts with my parents and enjoyed lunch and a nice afternoon at home!
We took the kids to the farm and Dalton surprised them with their gift from him ~ he always does a "big" gift for them just from him! He's so sweet!
They were SOOOO happy to have their own paddle boat!!!
We will have HOURS of fun with this!!!
We took Nana out for a spin..and almost sunk! It is VERY important that you distribute your weight evenly on this thing! ;)
We went to Jeb and Patti's that night for supper and then came home to ready for Santa!

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