Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Decorations

I am linking up with Andrea today to share my decorations...and to remember where I put things for next year! :) 
This year ~ I put the tree in the center of the den...our den is HUGE and there really isn't a "good" place for the tree `~ I really like it here! 
The mantle ~ My children LOVE this Santa print! We have had it since they were tiny and they still look forward to putting it up every year! 
My coffee table is one I found in a rental house Dalton was redoing ~ I distressed it and LOVE it! 
More fun around the den ~ 
I swap out all my pictures for Christmas pics from previous years~ 
This is in the foyer ~ I have 10 pieces to this nativity ~ it is HUGE ~ I have only put it all out once...it takes up so much space, but we always but Mary, Joseph and Jesus out! 
The Breakfast Room is my favorite because the blue walls make me oh so happy! :)
I swap everything out for Christmas decor! 
This is one of my favorite things ~ I LOVE this sweet plate! 
and this sweet girl ~ HOW was this 10 years ago?!?! She was 16 months and I was about to POP with Jackson! 
In the kitchen I took the coffee beans, rice, and beans out and added more festive colors...obviously the red candies are popular...someone ate my props! ;) 
More fun around the kitchen  ~
I ADORE a Bath & Body Works candle...if we are home...one is burning. 
All. The. Time. 
Hand painted dishes are my favorite! 
The Sun Room ~ this is the room where we actually open gifts ~ 
Santa leaves his treats in the den...
We have a Christmas Countdown calendar..
Our "fun" tree ~ ornaments from all over the place! This is always a live tree, too...
Super fun! 
The dining room ~ added a few things here and there...

Mary Dalton did her own tree ~ 
She did pretty good! 
Jackson did his own tree, too! 
They had the best time decorations! :) 
We put it up the second weekend of November...I love to enjoy it BEFORE Christmas, but you can bet your bottom dollar than by December 27th ~ there won't be a sight of Christmas in the house! ;)
I can't believe it's in TWO WEEKS!!! 
My children are still so excited and we can't wait!!! 

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