Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Parade & Wrapping All the Way ~

We had a full, but fun weekend! 
This sweet picture was on my timehop ~ I LOVE timehop!!! precious are they!?!? 
Saturday afternoon (after  a MUCH needed morning at home, sleeping in!) we headed to the Wrens Christmas Parade! 
We go EVERY year and my 2 look forward to this entire 14 minute parade...
Obviously, MD was acting like a nut! 
Our parades are a weeee bit redneck but candy is involved so my 2 LOVE them! :) 
Pick it up MD!!! 
Santa was a church friend of ours, Mr. JB ~ and we had to get a picture! 
After the parade, we set off to decorate the tree house! They had a BLAST doing this! 
Saturday night they spent a good hour sorting their candy and trading...
Sunday after church was their play ~ Wrapping All the Way ~ 
MD was Tansy and I was SO proud of her!!!
She did a GREAT job!!! 
Jackson was King Dazzlebam and he ROCKED it out!!! 
So super proud of how they worked to learn their lines!!!
I am so sad that this was MD's last year for a Christmas program! 
But sister ended on a GREAT note!!! 
Sooz and Big Daddy came to see the play! 
They even brought treats! :) 
After the play, the boys went hunting and MD took a bubble bath, made hot chocolate and watched Christmas Vacation!!!
 SO much fun ~ the boys came home and we watched Flip or Flop before packing up for another week of school ~ only 2 more weeks and we are out...Can't wait!!! 

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