Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Pajama Party!!!

Last night, I had some of my closest girl friends over last night for a Christmas pajama party! It was SO much fun to have some quality girl time! This was the easiest party I have EVER hosted!!! Everything came from Costco and I made a grits casserole ~ One sweet friend made a french toast casserole and another brought grape salad so we had a our pajamas! 
We ate, talked and laughed until our sides hurt!
A game of "Dirty Santa" was the hit of the night! 
I am so thankful for these girls ~ I don't know what I do without a close group of friends who are there for me through all the craziness of life! We missed the 4 that couldn't make it and have agreed to have a sleepover as soon as the cabin is complete! :)

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