Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jackson's Birthday

Jackson's actual birthday was this past Tuesday, the 19th. Dalton and I went up to wake him up by singing Happy Birthday...and as soon as we touched him..we knew he was sick!!! 
He had a temp of 102. 

Soooo....we spent our morning at the doctor office. 
He was PITIFUL ~ 
he had strep and never said his throat hurt..just his head and stomach.
He literally spent the WHOLE day on a pallet in the den sleeping. He hardly even watched TV! 
About 8:30 that night, he did decide that he wanted to open his gifts!
He got a drone and was super excited about that! 
We had a cake, but he was too sick to eat it...we saved it for when he was feeling better!
He slept in my room Tuesday night so I could hear him if he got sick. I told him how sorry I was that he was so sick on his birthday. He said, "Well, it's not what I would have picked, but I am thankful it is just strep and not something bad like cancer." 
That boy ~ love him....
We stayed home Wednesday, too. The WHOLE day was filled with washing sheets, towels and anything else I deemed "contaminated" and using about 2 cans of Lysol!!! 
(and so far...the rest of us are still well!)
Daisy cuddled with him in his bed Wednesday night and I think that made him feel better, too!
We plan to FINALLY celebrate this week with a few of his close friends!!! 
I hate his day was not perfect, but like he said ~ I am thankful it was nothing major! 

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