Saturday, January 9, 2016

Our First Few Days with Daisy!

Daisy got to us Thursday night around 6:30 ~ she was very shy and super sweet!!! 
We were so excited to have her!!!
She was NOT a fan of the crate...she napped with Jackson for about an hour just like this ~ 
I knew then that this was going to be the perfect new puppy for our family! :) 
So far she seems to be VERY laid back....she whines some...but slept 7 hours in her kennel last night! MD adores her! 
She has put every bow in our house on the poor thing ~ and our bows are anything but "puppy sized!
MD wants her to stay in the house SO bad ~ she thought if we used diapers that might help with the potty training! 
She LOVES to play and is spoiled already...she wants you to hold her ALLLLL the time...and of course we do! 
I got lots of good snuggles from her last night while the girls worked on their social studies project. It's not due til 1/18 but with dance comp season starting, basketball starting, Jax's bday and school...we needed to get this DONE! 
They had good ideas and it turned out really good! 
Daisy was not impressed...she LOVES to stick her face/nose in my sleeve or under a towel/blanket to sleep. 
She slept with me and Jackson until about 1 and then I put her in the crate...she never whined and slept until 8! 
We are trying to wear her out so she will sleep good! Jackson took her walking earlier today! 
These two were excited that their weekends are full of dance...which means each other! They are so sweet and are the best of friends! 
Dalton has his college friends in town to enjoy the last weekend of deer season. Jackson is heading out there shortly to be with the men and hunt. I have mounds of laundry I plan to start on later today and hopefully can find a good Lifetime movie to enjoy! 
We have a winter break coming up in 2 weeks and we are already looking forward to some down time...even though both kids have activities that weekend! ;) 
Trying to enjoy the madness...I know it will pass all too soon....

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