Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Recap ~

Christmas break came and went WAY too fast ~ I actually had to put on "real" clothes today! We have a 4 day weekend later this month so I am already looking forward to that! :) 
We ended our break with a Girl's Day on Saturday ~ 
Mary Dalton ADORES shopping and she had money...key word, HAD ~ that girl had herself a spending spree, but got some cute new things and great prices! :) 
We ate Japanese, drank Starbucks and went to about 20 stores...and I am not joking! 
Super fun day with my sweet girl! 

Sunday we went to church and Rae Ann sat with us. My two are CRAZY about this little one and she was precious! It's been a long time since I had someone standing on the pew beside me! 
And look at her little chubby sweet!!!! 
After church., we got ready for the week! We packed backpacks, lunches, dance bags, and got everything cleaned up! 
We also washed the playpen and crate to get ready for our new puppy who will be here this weekend!!!
I feel like we are expecting a baby! We are so EXCITED and can't wait to meet Daisy! 
We ended the weekend with a little bird hunting ~
one of Jackson's favorite things! ;)
I think we were all ready to get back in a routine ~ 90 days until summer!!!
And yes....we are counting!!!! 

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