Friday, January 1, 2016

Weeks 51 &52 #apictureadayin2015 ~ I DID IT!!!!

I did it! I have managed to take a picture EVERYDAY for TWO years now!!! I have to say ~ when I set out to do something...I rarely quit. I finished 2015 and there is NO WAY I am taking on 2016!!! Hopefully, I will still have pics to post every week or so, but the pressure is off! ha! 
Here are our last two weeks os 2015 ~ 
Dec 18 ~ 
Santa met us at the carpool line! 
Saturday ~ 
After a sad day we went to Air Strike for some fun! 
Sunday ~ 
We have LOVED having Susan-Laine in Wrens! 
She LOVES Sunny! ;)
Monday ~ 
The sign of a GREAT sitter ~ 
They had a blast with Katy! 
Tuesday was rainy and nasty out...we stayed in our pjs ALL day and played board games...probably my favorite day of the break! 
Christmas Eve Eve ~ Dalton cooked DELICIOUS steaks for us!!! 
Christmas Eve ~ 
Dalton gave them their gift from him! 
Merry Christmas! took ALLLLLL day, but all 5 trees got put away!!! I love Christmas decor but after all the "stuff" I like the mantle simple! 
Sunday 12/27 ~ 
Hope he is hungry!!!!
THAT is a piece of cake! :) 
Monday ~ 
Sleepover company for both kids ~ and a game of Bean Bozelled ~ 
Trashcan and drinks on stand by! 
Tuesday ~ 
LONG LONG LONG overdue Girl's Night ~ Complete with sushi and a chick flick! 

12/30  ~
He wanted a milkshake for breakfast...
and he got it.
12/31 ~ 

And that is a WRAP!!!
2014 and 2015 ~ 730 pictures to document our lives! 

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