Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Week's Stuff ~

Today is my Friday and I am SO SO SO excited!!! 
We have a 4 days weekend too! Woohoo!!!

This has been our week so far  ~

A teacher sent me this pic of Jax's class ~ they were praying together...
LOVE that his class is so close and that they pray together!!! 
Dalton has been working on a new bed for us for the cabin ~ 
he recruited me to help finish it this week! 
LOVE the way it turned out!!! 
We had a rental house that got damaged from the storms so after we checked it out, Dalton dropped me and MD off for sushi ~ 
She is SO much fun to hang out with! 
The boys went to Chick Fila while we ate GOOD! :) 
We had several teachers out today so I offered to do PE ~ 
I had the best time with the kids! 
We played fun games! 
and I was VERY tahnkful that I only had them 45 mins! I will keep my high schoolers anyday of the week! ha! 
Looking forward to a fun and hopefully relaxing weekend!!! 

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