Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Draft Folder ~ oops!!

**Just found this in my draft folder...guess I never hit "publish" ~

We are just finishing up with a FOUR day weekend!!! 
And even though we had some sickness...it was much needed and enjoyed!!! 
Whitney spent the night with MD Thursday night ~ 
We woke up early Friday and went to Air Strike with Razz!!! 
We were the ONLY people in there!!! 
It was great since we had the baby with us! 
Razzi had the BEST time!!! The kids took turns "playing" with her but she warmed up fast and was off doing her own thing in no time! 
MD got sick while we were there ~ she blacked out and then started dry heaving...
I FREAKED out!! Jax and WS watched Razz so I could see about her.
She hadn't eaten so I got her a sprite but she still didn't play...
We had planned to spend the day in Augusta, but after that...we went straight home and then to the Dr! 

While we were waiting for the appointment, I started going through spring clothes.
Jackson has a closet full, but Mary Dalton's things either are too small or she doesn't like them....
This is all "sell" stuff ~ I had a MESS and I am still not done! 
The Dr was not sure why she had the "spell" at Air Strike, but said several things it could be. She had a lot of fluid on her ears and by 4 pm she was running high fever. 
She literally slept all day Friday afternoon and Saturday. I started her on an antibiotic and she was SO much better by Sunday!!! And I was so thankful we could enjoy our two days! :) 
Sunday we went to Augusta with Dalton and then I rearranged her room and gave it a GOOD cleaning...literally everything she owns is cleaned out!!! Woohoo!!!
Jackson's room is next! 
Jackson FINALLY got his hamster this weekend, too! 
Domino is already a favorite of Razz! ;) 
Monday was SO pretty!!! 
We took Razz to the park, went to the grocery store, watched a Lifetime movie (that scared JDD so bad he slept on my floor), and got ready for our week! 
Whitney came back Sunday night to stay again since we were out of school on Monday! 
I love that we have enough room for the kids to have their friends over! My parents always let me have company anytime I wanted...and they always knew where I was and who I was with...because I was AT THEIR HOUSE ~ pretty smart! ;) 
After our movie, we took Daisy for a walk! 
Monday night I had the Star Teacher banquet. 
It is such an honor to be chosen to the Star teacher! :) 
When I got home, I went to tell Mary Dalton good night and she had a "herd" of raccoons with her! 
I think she will be 30 and still have a bed full of "Bandits!" 
Next big break is SPRING break!!!  We are already counting down the days! :) 

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