Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Break Part 2 ~

After MD and I dropped Jax off with Sue-anna, we headed south to Panama City Beach!!!
I LOVE the Gulf and haven't been since we have been married, so I was excited!!! 
A sweet friend asked us to join them...and we were ready to go!!! 
We got there late Saturday night, but MD HAD to see the water!!! 
Sunday was the only day we spent on the beach, but it was AMAZING!!! 
The weather was great and we enjoyed ourselves so much!!!
Sunday night we went to The Strip and walked around ~ MD was in HEAVEN ~ she loves a crowd! 
Monday we stayed at the condo ~ we were all burned and MD woke up sick...and Machelle and I were not feeling so great either. We watched movies, ate and enjoyed a low key day. As much as I hated to miss the beach, it was just what we needed! 
Tuesday, we drove over to Destin and did some shopping. ~ our favorite!!!! 
Before we went to supper, MD wanted to go see the water again ~ I swear this girl LOVES a beach!!! 
We attempted the beach on Wednesday but it was FREEZING!!!!! 
Like, not even fun cold!!! 
We made it an hour, then went back to the condo..had lunch and took a day! :) 
We went to The Shrimp Boat our last night for supper ~ 
it was delicious! 
We left early Thursday morning to get Jax back and head home...
it was a LONG day of driving, but we had a blast and made lots of fun memories!!! 

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