Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Break Part 1 ~

We are still recovering from our Spring Break! We loaded up last Saturday and headed out for a week of fun!!! 
We went to Birmingham and met Sue-anna ~ Jackson went to Nashville for his spring break! 
He had never been alone (without MD) so he was BEYOND excited!!! 
Sue-anna and Amos live in downtown Nashville so there is always LOTS to do! Sunday, they went to the zoo! 
I was so jealous that he had Razz all to himself!!! He LOVED being with her for the week! We are still laughing about cute things she said to him! 
Somehow....they got him to eat sushi!!! 
I knew he was having a blast when he didn't text, facetime or call me! :) 
The "big" event of the week was buying a guitar! 
Amos and Sue-anna's friend helped him learn some chords and we are looking for someone to help him with lessons ASAP! 
He also went to an art crawl and enjoyed the art museum! 
He had SUCH a fun week and it did MD & Jax good to have some time away from each other! ha! 
Thanks Sue-anna, Amos, and Razz for such a fun week!!! 

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