Thursday, June 2, 2016

Washington DC Part 2

The reason behind our trip was that Dalton was going to be sworn into The Supreme Court of the US!!! 
It was basically a long application, several background checks, and letters of good standing, but we are so proud of him!! I don't know ANYBODY that works harder than he does and we are so proud of him!!! 
We had to be there at 8, but we woke up EARLY so we wouldn't be late!!! 
The children did not have a pass to get into the court room, but a Secret Service Agent got them in at the LAST minute so they were able to see the ceremony!!! I don't think that they can "grasp" what an honor this was, but we know they will understand one day! ;) 
We got there at 7:35 ~ great time for pics!!! 
These are the other alumni from his school that were also sworn in ~ 
There are no cell phones, cameras, etc in the court room and security was TIGHT!!!! There were US Marshalls, and all sorts of security EVERYWHERE!!! 
the court room was STUNNING and just to know all the famous cases that have been tried there made it that much cooler!!! We were able to meet Chief Justice John Roberts which was VERY cool!!!
It was an AMAZING experience and I wish we had pictures!!! 
After the swearing in, we had a private tour of the capitol ~ SUPER neat as well!!! We went in the underground tunnels that connect the court to the capitol ~ we were underground here...
They dug three stories down for more room...this is where you would want to be if there was a tornado! ;) 
We also saw the original collumns from the first Supreme Court and there were bullet holes from the War of 1812 ~ I am not a history buff but I LOVE for my children to SEE and FEEL history so this was right up my alley! 
This was the original supreme court ~ there were no lights so they have it set up exactly as it would have looked then...
And while we were on the tour, Jax found "the beer man" ~ Samuel Adams...
we don't even drink beer so Samuel Adams must do some excellent advertising! This a HANDFUL!!!! 
At the end of the tour, we got to go out on the balcony where the representatives come for fresh air. This was the view ~ it was beautiful!!! 
Such a great tour and experience for our family! 
We finished up the tour and had lunch before heading out to see the rest of DC!!!
We made a brief stop by The White House...The kids loved the Snipers...
We went back to the room and the boys watched TV while MD and I rode bikes...again!!!
Once it started to cool off, we set out to see the last of the monuments! 
We were able to hit all the highlights even though the crowds were HUGE! 
What a view!! !
We headed back Wednesday morning, and Jackson's trip was officially made when he got doughnuts AND a Trump shirt!! 
MY children HATE it when I post a picture of them sleeping, but there is NOTHING sweeter still than them sleeping...
MD had 2 Dramamine and slept 6 hours on the way home! Jackson said,
"Mama! You need to keep those handy! This is great, she hasn't said a word!"
We had an amazing time and I could not be prouder of that husband of mine! :) 

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