Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Life Lately ~

We have enjoyed a lazy week so far!!! We basically stay in the pool from 10:30-3 or so and then head to the cabin every day! We have 2.5 weeks left of summer and no major plans so it should be a fun 2.5 weeks! :) 

Our sweet Daisy is getting so big! She loves the pool as much as we do and howls until we let her out to swim! 
This was post on FB by Dalton's secretary ~ obviously Jackson had a fine time taking selfie's in Best Buy! :)
I have spent some time in my classroom this week and it is ready to roll! Just a few little things and I will be ready to teach!!! 
This cutie popped into town and I was SO excited to see her! I have been missing this girl! She is having her birthday this weekend at the coast and we can't wait! I can't believe she is THREE already!!! 
Jackson has REALLY started to love fishing ~ he has always loved it, but lately he is obsessed with it! He has learned to fish with a bait caster and a spinning reel. 
He LOVES it ~ 
He caught 6 nice bass and I caught this baby bream...we were sweating like pigs, but we had a great time! Love one on one time with either of my children! 
Speaking on one on one time ~ MD has this cutie all to herself this week! She went to the coast to help get ready for the party! I know she is having a blast!!! 
Jackson went with the youth group to play BINGO at an assisted living facility today  ~ he worked with Miss Mary Eva and she is 101! He LOVED her ~ such a great ministry! 
The youth pastor told me that both of the workers at the home asked who Jackson was. They said that it was so good with the residents and had the best manners  ~ PROUD mama here!!! :)  
The boys are headed to AL for a hunting show and I am heading to the coast for Razz's party! Until then ~ I have got a tan to work on and books to read! 

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