Monday, July 11, 2016

More Family Visitors!!!

We had TWO weekends in a row with my family here! It was GREAT!!! This past weekend, my sister and her daughter came to see us!!! They got her Friday night and we enjoyed catching up with them so much!!!
Saturday morning, we headed into Augusta to do some shopping!!!
We made it home in time to swim! Emily was so sweet and even played the dreaded MARCO/POLO with Jackson ~
Bless her! :)
We got cleaned up and headed to McKinney's for supper!
Mary Dalton went to the Daya concert with Anna Grace, Bethany, and Marti Ann! I don't think she realizes how LUCKY she is that AG loves her so ~ because let's face it...It  is WAY cooler to go to a concert with a college student that your mama! ha!
They had a blast!!! Thanks Lamb girls for asking them and loving them! :)
Sunday morning we slept in and Dalton cooked us breakfast! I sweet talked these two into helping me in my classroom!!! It was AWESOME to have one former teacher and one soon-to-be teacher there to assist me!
TWO hours later ~ tah-dah!!! I am ready to ROLL!!!
We made a quick stop by Maxway and back home we went!

They left about 3 and we were sad to see them go! Their visit was TOO FAST!!!
We are hoping that they will be back soon!!!
Emily invited MD to come see her at Auburn and this little chick is BEYOND excited!!! I am not sure Em knows what she signed up for! ha!
It was a great weekend and I am so thankful for my sweet sister and her family!

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