Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week ~

This has been a HARD week. We lost a dear friend of ours and celebrated his life on Sunday ~ 
This sign was in our tiny town...and I LOVE it. 
Jeff's daughter passed away 3 years ago, and when he knew he was dying...he could not WAIT to see his daughter, Joy. Death is so hard...I was worn out after the service, but it was beautiful and honored him perfectly. 
Sunday we had the nursery and my two LOVE to help!!! 
MD was SO excited that Leighton was there...she is her favorite! 
Sweet babies!!! 
We have been busy, busy this week and have some issues come up with one of our children and his/her classes ~ it has been exhausting to say the least...
I am SO thankful that today is Friday and we have a weekend to HOPEFULLY regroup and have a GREAT week next week!!! 

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