Thursday, September 1, 2016

Three Things...

Busy has been the theme once again ~ here are 3 things that we each have going on ~ 

1.) Fishing every chance he gets! He learned to filet a fish so we are loving that! We had a fish fry last weekend, fish provided by my boy!
2.) He is busy with football and doing a great job! He loves it! That boy can have fun anytime, any place! 
3.) He got off to a rough start in 5th grade but this week has been fabulous! His grades are great, and I am praying he is adjusting to his new class.
1. Bless her soul ~ she wakes herself up at 5:50 every morning, makes her bed and gets dressed.
I love that girl.
2. She has adjusted GREAT to middle school and even said her two favorite subjects were math and science...YAY!!!
3. She is busy working to sell her magazines...she REALLY wants to sell 40 to earn a trip to the money machine!!! 
1. All smiles today because we are OUT OF SCHOOL TOMORROW AND MONDAY!!  A tropical storm is headed our way and so we get an extra long weekend!!! Woohoo!!!
2. Celebrating turning 38 tomorrow ~ thankful for a year of good health and for my sweet family!
3. FINALLY back in the swing of the school routine! I am waking up on my own without a clock and not dead tired when I get home! :) 
1. Is beyond excited that fall is almost here ~ deer hunting, football, and cool weather...his favorites!
2. Worked for 3 nights to fix my garage door but got it working...YAY!!!
3. Is headed to CO to hunt elk with his bow...he will be gone over a week and I am SO sad, but I know he will have a blast!!! (and elk meat is DELICIOUS!!!) Kill a big one D! :) 
Happy LONG weekend!!! 

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