Monday, September 12, 2016

Big D is Home & Homecoming Day 1

Dalton got back into town Friday night and we were SO excited to see him ~ the kids literally jumped out of the car to see him!!! 
I was pretty excited to see him too!!! 
We slept in Saturday morning then I headed to pick up BBQ before football came on ~ 
The line was SO SO SO long!!! You know it's good BBQ when there is a long line and a 30 min wait!!! 
And it was SO worth the wait!!! 
BBQ sandwich, potato salad and hash ~ and it was soooo good!!! 
We spent the night at the cabin and Jackson had himself a fine time with the fire barrel ~ 
And he got it going.....
It went well into the night...
Sunday morning I had infant nursery ~ seriously...this should be my job...rocking babies all day.
This sweet doll had dimples an inch deep! I held her the whole time she slept ~ I love a baby!!! 
After church, we did some laundry and the kids went to youth ~ Whitney came home with us and spent the night...because it is Homecoming week and they HAD to work on their costumes...duh...
They actually were VERY good and were asleep by 10!!! :)

These 3 girls ~ so sweet!!! 
Jackson's class was all decked out, too!!!
We have a BUSY week with homecoming and TWO football games!!! 
I am trying to survive teaching high schoolers with Homecoming on their minds!!! 

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