Monday, September 12, 2016

6th Grade Cook Out

Mary Dalton's reading and language teacher invited the class over for s cook out! Seriously...if you teach and you do things that are "above and beyond"...I adore you. I know your job is hard and you're underpaid and under appreciated...and I am thankful for you!!!
The kids were so excited about the cook out! We picked Whitney Sue up before we left!
These them!
Parents brought sides and we had a FEAST!!! Miss Marian had a fun yard filled with corn hole, trampoline, football and a HUGE game of "man hunt." There were about 60 people there!
For this class to be so big and have so many bots (plus 3 weren't there!) they are THE sweetest!!! The manners these kids have are top notch! I am so thankful for these close friendships with the kids and parents!
None of the kids wanted to leave!!! Mary Dalton told her teacher they needed to do this every month! They had a BLAST!!! And to be honest...I was excited to have something to help pass the time while Daltin was away! :) 
Fun night for sure!!!

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