Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Football Tuesday

Jackson had his first home game last night! They even had a pep rally! It was precious!!! The boys introduced themselves...said their name, grade and position...Jackson was first and of course just precious!!!! 
They played a couple of games with the boys! 
Jackson's sweet class. 
Seven kids.
I would have a blast teaching 7! 
These kids are super close and I am thankful for these sweet friends!!!
We tied the game...better than a loss!!! injuries so that's a plus!!! :)
My sweet students and my secret pall gave me sweet gifts today for my birthday! They were so thoughtful!!!! I got this precious grapevine light up pumpkin, a great candle,wine glasses,  precious fall dip bowl with spreader, a mug I've been eyeing for months, and yummy treats!!! Such a sweet surprise!!!
TWO  more nights until my handsome husband is home!!!! We can't wait!!!

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