Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall Break

We were out of school last Friday and Monday for Fall Break ~ we thought about going out of town, but decided to stay home! We had the best time despite the rain from Hurricane Matthew!
Friday morning we went to Air Strike ~ 

These two either want to KILL each other or they are best friends ~ thankfully they were BFFs all weekend, which made the weekend super fun! 
When it is cold and dreary ~ I want to cook...and eat! I made two different recipes of chocolate chip cookies looking for the "perfect" one ~ I still have a few more to try before I declare a winner...
Saturday morning, we went to get Jackson's bow ~ he was NOT amused that I was taking pictures, but I had to document! 

The guy was so nice and helped him get everything set up~
He is doing GREAT ~ he loves to shoot!!! 
We filled up water balloons and he shot his new bow and MD used the old one...they had a blast doing this!
Dalton made hambone soup Saturday night and we stayed at the cabin...our favorite! 
We went to church Sunday morning ~ he didn't wear the hat to church but this is how he currently "fixes" his hair! The hat pushes it down!
This girl is growing up so fast...
Monday was a lazy day at home with lots of cleaning out ~ MD went to see Sooz and Sooz gave her a GREAT new fur coat!!! What a fun treat!!!! MD loved that it had raccoon on it ~ She still adores Bandit! :) 
I spent most of Monday doing this...
It NEVER ends. 
And then I found this beaut.
Glamour Shots circa 1991...
WHY did we think this was a good idea?!?! 
We had LOTS of laughs cleaning out the attic and got everything straight and ready for Christmas!!! woohoo!!!
We are planning our first Christmas at the the cabin and we can't wait!!! 

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