Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up ~

Last week was one LONG week ~ We had a huge raffle going on at our school and I was helping with that, we had the bonfire and powder puff game, MD got her hair done, dance, I had a PTO meeting, went to Augusta with Dalton's mom for a hair appointment, school pictures, PSAT, and had to cook for the football players ~ 
I was GLAD to see Saturday morning!!! 
I made breakfast casserole for the football team. Some of the teachers did a breakfast for them and I pulled out ole trusty ~ LOVE this cookbook!!! 
Funny that I cook for other kids ~ my own have to figure it out for themselves! ;) 
Jackson eating cereal on the way to school...
I swear he would eat cereal 3 meals a day
Loaded up for school ~ Pink out day!!! 
Forgot to mention that earlier...another thing that made for a busy week! 
Sweet girls ready to cheer on the Jags at the pep rally! 
I helped judge the womanless beauty pageant ~ 
These boys are HORRIBLE looking women!!! 
They had fun though! ;) 
We slept in Saturday morning! Woohoo!!!
We headed out to two festivals in our community ~ 

Proof they can stand near each other without fighting! 
They either LOVE each other and are best friends or can't STAND each other...
there is no in between....
thankfully Saturday they were sweet! :) 
Saturday night, I chaperoned the youth group outing! 
We went to a haunted house. I was SHOCKED MDD went through and actually liked it! Jackson would have no part of it! He waited outside with me! After they came out they got to sign the wall saying they survived and didn't go out the "chicken door!" 
I LOVE that this youth group does so much!!! It is so good for the kids! 
Sunday morning it was FREEZING in our house ~ MDD got dressed for church in my fur! 
After church, we went to the cabin to see the hunters and take Daisy! It was a beautiful fall day! 
All my sweet babies...
Jackson and Bryar fished before they hunted...they have the best time out there!
While Jackson hunted, MD went back to youth! They had a hayride and cookout! She had a great time! 
Super fun weekend for sure!!! 
And when I got to school ~ my sweet friend had these babies on my desk!!! 
Hello DELICIOUS!!!! 
She sure made my Monday great!!! 

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