Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Instructor Training CPR

I left EARLY EARLY lastTuesday morning to take a class to be CPR instructor trained for our school ~ Class started at 7:45 and lasted until 5...with a 30 min break...It was a lonnnngggg day...and me and this dummy became BFFs ~ 
I spent the night in Columbia, SC and in 38 years...this was the first time I have ever spent the night alone in a hotel ~ it was strange!!! I need my people with me! 
I checked in around 5:30 and started studying...
I stayed at a Staybridge Suites and they offer free supper and wine...hello!!! 
Winner, winner!!! 
I went down and grabbed a bite to eat before I worked on my HW for the night...
(the food was REALLY good!!! I will ALWAYS try to find a Staybridge...super nice!) 
I was finishing up studying my presentation when I found Insomnia Cookies...they deliver HOT cookies, milk and/or ice cream to your door...

If we had this service in Wrens, GA ~ there is a 100% certainty I would weigh 300 lbs..
Hello DELICIOUS!!!! 
I enjoyed my study break snack and turned in early...watching presidential results...see why I needed cookies?!?! studying AND presidential crap...
I finished up on Wednesday and was SO glad to get back home to my babies...who clearly aren't babies anymore! 
It was a LONG 2 days, but I am now trainer not only to administer CPR (required for teachers) but to teach the CPR class! :) 

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