Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jackson's First Concert

Last week, Jackson and I went to I Love the 90's concert in Augusta ~ It was supposed to be in September, but got canceled due to the hurricane! It was rescheduled for last week and this boy was EXCITED! 
He LOVES my 90's music as much as I do!!! 
We don't do a ton together anymore...he would rather be with his daddy or at the farm, so this was a special treat to have him to myself! :) 
I let him pick where we ate and like a gentleman...he picked Tako Sushi because he knows I love it...he even tried sushi and the oysters! He ordered steak nachos and was happy was a lark! 
MD has been to several concerts...that is just her "thing" ~ Jax likes to sleep. End of story.
We have never taken him to a concert because we knew that there was NO WAY that he would stay awake...it was a struggle...and we left as soon as we heard "Ice, Ice, Baby" but he made it and had a blast!!! 
On Friday, I asked him if he wanted a friend to stay over (MD was having company) ~ he said, "No mama,,,I want to sleep." He was worn out! 
Special night with my cutie! :) 

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